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Iluka College Co., Ltd
Iluka College Co., Ltd
Iluka College Co., Ltd
Iluka College Co., Ltd
  • Suppressing the Spread of Forest Fires and Contributing to the Prevention of Global Warming Entering  Next-Generation Industries such as Electric Vehicles, Solar Energy Generation and More
What is a Fire Extinguishing System?

Preventing the Spread of Forest Fires

In recent years, large-scale forest fires have been breaking out all over the world. The damage from these is increasing every year, with videos showing American wineries and Australian koalas in crisis being featured on the news. Forest fires are generally extinguished using water sprinkled from an aircraft; however, at high altitudes, the water disperses, making it difficult for it to reach the point of the fire. Likewise, fire extinguishing activities at low altitudes are also dangerous as the smoke collects, thus impairing visibility. Therefore, we developed the ‘Drop Control System’, in order to drop all of the water needed to extinguish the fire from a safe altitude to the target point. The Drop Control System is a fire extinguishing system that instantly gels the water needed for fire extinguishing and controls the drop of the water. The gel-type fire extinguisher protects what you want to protect and minimizes the damage caused by the spread of the fire.

Iluka College Concept

Dolphins (in Japanese: iluka), are a symbol of the environment.
70% of the earth is ocean; however, the activities of humans, who occupy the land -less than 30% of the earth- influence the whole of the environment.
Iluka College is working to contribute to the environment so that people, animals, and plants, can coexist peacefully on the beautiful blue earth for many generations to come.
In addition to the fire extinguishing systems and electric cars developed by our company, we also carry products and technologies which contribute to the environment, whose concepts we can identify with.



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